Jeeps and More

Dear Sirs,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Art Huizer and I would like to introduce to you our Jeep parts whole-sale company (only to dealers): Jeeps and More (JAM) in the Netherlands. We are the European/ main continent distributor of a new line of quality made Jeep parts named /produced Joes Motor Pool. The Joes Motor Pool name is synonymous with high quality, attention to detail and great value for money as you probably have seen on the web.

Our goal is simple, to provide our dealers with quality parts at great competitive prices with a great service. And why are we competitive? It’s simple. We manufacture all our own parts.
So, we cut out the long chain of middlemen and any other wholesalers that manufactures use.
We have already covered, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway and the Czech Republic, but now we are looking for a dealer in Greece Italy, Poland etc.

We have:
• Extensive stock in the Netherlands,
• Short delivery time
• High quality parts
• Competitive prices